history long over 70 years

Three generations of Fontana
have followed in running the company.


Its production site in San Lorenzo in Campo is the theater of these creations, artisans who with their work contribute to enhance the products, combining in this real forge classic and noble elements with increasingly advanced technologies.

In their production units, of over 5000 meters, the Fontana workshops have, in fact, modern technologies, suitable to internally realize all the phases of the work, from the project to the assembly, defining a production chain that guarantees the true “Made in Italy” or, as it is now widely requalifed, the most authentic “Made in Fontana “, much more than a name, but rather a certification of guarantee and quality.

History: since 1946

1946 is the beginning of a wonderful story that combines tradition and made in Italy into a single passion, that of creating, doing business, producing quality products, with a style that is as decisive as it is innovative.

Fontana Mission

respecting the values of solidity and tradition that this name represents and continuing the path of innovation and research that has always distinguished the work of this group.

Passion for the territory

In the heart of the Marche region, in the beautiful Cesano valley, Fontana is born, a company that reflects the values of the family that heads it, that creates ovens, with passion and love.