Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves

Different features for different needs!

Quality solutions suitable for special needs to spread the heat exactly the way you want.


Fontana Calore stoves with forced air circulation are equipped with a fan that constantly spreads the hot air produced in the hearth, in addition to the heat naturally produced by radiation. Thanks to the control display it is possible to manage the power and speed of the fan according to the needs. This is the ideal solution for heating a unique environment or several adjacent spaces, integrating the main heating system and considerably reducing fuel consumption.


In these stoves, the hot air produced in the hearth is pushed by the innovative DOUBLE FANS SYSTEM (Model Versus) in the ductwork, reaching more rooms in the house. This solution allows to spread the heat in different domestic environments with a considerable energy saving, without the necessity of great masonry work.


Well insulated homes at high efficiency and passive houses are not equipped with external air intakes. For this type of housing solution must be therefore provided hermetic stoves, which withdraw the air required for combustion directly from outside.

No Air

The pellet stove that warms by convention, with the total exclusion of forced ventilation, leaving room only for the beauty of the flame in absolute silence.The hot air, rising from the stove, spreads evenly and naturally inside the environment in which it is located.


Horus Hydro stoves are made with the utmost attention to detail: boilers and heat exchangers in stainless steel, great autonomy thanks to the big tank that does not compromise the purity of the object’s aesthetics, ease of access to the inside of the stove to perform all cleaning and maintenance operations without the need of a technician.


The fireplace, a timeless object is technologically and functionally updated thanks to the insertion of an insert or a pellet stove Horus. A work of technological re-design that transforms an existing chim-ney or enriches a room with the efficient performance, comfort and practicality of a pellet stove.


Fontana Calore pellet boilers represent an ecological, efficient and economical formula for hea-ting water both for space heating and sanitary water.Our pellet boilers are intended for all types of residential and commercial buildings and unlike traditional fossil fuel boilers, they use pellets, a biofuel that comes from processing natural wood, which guarantees, in addition to being an ecological choice, a si-gnificantly lower cost than diesel, methane and LPG.