Harmonizing the strict industrial skills and the evolution of human needs (design, function, sustainability, technology), Horus manipulates fire and steel to obtain essential shapes, respecting the balance between people and the environment that surrounds them. Only renewable energy sources and biomass: this is Horus philosophy.


The ethanol working fireplace is a new decorative concept for home, which employs a bio-compatible source of energy. No need for installation of flue, or of fuel pump system, it doesn’t produce residue, nor it needs maintenance.


Horus fireplaces are fueled by a renewable energy source: the denatured alcohol. It arises from the fermentation of sugars derived from agricultural and forest products, such as sugar cane, potatoes and cereals. The denatured alcohol is composed of biological elements that do not alter the ecological balance. The combustion of ethanol produces only clean emissions: heat, water vapour and carbon dioxide. NO PM10, LOW CO2, NO ALDEHYDES.


Why use ethanol as fuel for domestic fireplace? The exploitation of fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) is the main cause of serious environmental problems such as the huge release of greenhouse-gases in the atmosphere, the air pollution, the increase in global temperature of the planet and, consequently, the catastrophic events that are happening. On the contrary, the exploitation of renewable energy sources (biomass, solar energy and the same ethanol) is fundamental not only for the policy of reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, but also for the considerable economic and social benefits such as unlimited availability of raw materials and absence of geographical constraints on their production.


Horus is aware of its responsibility towards the environment; each project is carefully evaluated and developed also in terms of its environmental impact throughout the whole life cycle of the product, from the finding of raw materials to the disposal when no longer used. Only materials recyclable for over 80% and coming from productions using recyclable materials (such as aluminium) are used to produce Horus objects.


Horus is a member of the Comitato Termotecnico Italiano, board federated with UNI (National Agency for Unification). Horus burner is tested by Imq Primacontrol Italy.


“CERAMIC”: innovative solution that allows to considerably reduce the consumption of ethanol but, most of all, to exclude the risk of leakage of the liquid, even in case of accidental overturning. “EXPLEO”: patented technical devices, designed to facilitate the filling of the tank in complete safety, as the valve for hermetic sealing of the tank or the special shape of the plate for the control of fuel leakage.


Horus FUOCO is made of exclusive stainless steel of great thickness to support any thermic stress. Weight is the main index of the burner’s quality. Hand welding is certified piece by piece for watertightness.


“Ceramic” is the ceramic soul of the ethanol burner that feeds the flame not only through the combustion of the liquid part but also of the gases produced by the evaporation of the same, which would otherwise be dispersed into the environment. This peculiarity of Horus burner allows to reduce by 15% the fuel consumption. Although the ethanol burner has a predominantly decorative character, is undeniable the fact that it produces heat.