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The interest in pellets has grown steadily in recent years, since it is a source of clean energy and, above all, the most advantageous heating fuel on an economic level if wood is excluded.

It is in fact a device increasingly used to supplement or replace the domestic heating system, an ecological instrument that differs from traditional wood-burning stoves both from a technological and a consumption point of view.

Why a pellet stove?


The advantages of a pellet stove reside in comfort and ease of use: in fact they work with automatic and programmable ignitions, with a pellet tank that is simple and convenient to load. They use a fuel that is easily found packaged and not bulky, which does not require special checks.These stoves also form only a few residues of ash or embers, which makes their cleaning and maintenance not particularly complex, suitable for home solutions and small businesses or commercial activities.

How many rooms do you want to heat up?


The environment you want to heat is one of the first things to consider when choosing a stove: the number of rooms, their layout and conformation affect the essential characteristics that the heat source must have and in the way it must be installed.

The number of rooms or environments you want to heat is essential to know to determine the type of stove you need: for just one room, in fact, an air stove may be sufficient, while if you want to heat an entire house you may need a water thermostove, connected to radiators. 1 Room: Natural Conventional Stove - Forced ventilation stove.<br /> More rooms: forced ventilation ducted stove - water heater.

What house or environment do you need to heat?
Solutions designed for every environment, some examples of private houses and business premises where to choose:


For your apartment consisting of an open space, bathroom and hallway, we offer a forced ventilation stove that can comfortably heat the whole living area for a warmth dedicated to the most intense moments.


For your semi-detached house, with an important and spacious living area, the ideal solution that we want to recommend is a channeled air stove that can reach more rooms with its heat without masonry work.


For your detached house, with large spaces and several rooms, the proposal is a water heater, able to feed the radiators and heat the whole environment uniformly using renewable energy.


For your commercial space consisting of a large open space, a forced-ventilation stove with good power is able to heat all the environment with a significant cost savings and providing a homogeneous temperature.

Have you thought about where to place the stove?


The stoves are now objects of design and do not always end up in the boiler rooms! However, wherever you want to place your new stove, there are two parameters to consider: its effective size and its distance from the chimney or external outlet.<br /> Remember: the more a stove is far from the outlet, the lower its optimal performance will be! Also, when placing a stove, you can not attach it to the wall, but you need space for pipes and vents!

How does a pellet stove work?


The pellet stove has a simple and programmable functioning, with a door for pellet loading comfortable and easy to open and a series of commands that can be managed either directly on the control panel or via remote control, tablet and smartphone thanks to the dedicated App.<br /> Remember: each model of stove has its own characteristics, consult the attached operating manuals!

What pellet you have to use


The choice of pellets is essential in the use of a stove, this in fact contributes to the quality of the yields and to the yield in terms of consumption. Furthermore, the right pellets guarantee faster and easier maintenance, burning better and leaving less residue. The ash residue indicator determines the degree of soiling that the pellet leaves inside the device used for combustion: the value in question must be less than 1%. These are the two main characteristics to take into consideration for the choice of pellets, in fact from these two factors, all the others also depend, namely the processing, the type of essence from which it is derived.

It is essential that the product is certified by national or international certificates; for Italy, the recognized certification is Pellet Gold, Din Plus for Germany and ÖNORM for Austria. However, a single certification at European level, the EN Plus, allows to control all the chemical-physical characteristics of the pellet and allows it to be divided into three categories, that is the following: the A1 for the most valuable pellets; the A2 for second choice pellets; the B inside which the poorest pellet will be classified, suitable only for industrial uses.

What you must do


You must take care of the ordinary maintenance, that is to clean the brazier of the residuals approximately once a week, to avoid possible occlusion of the holes of passage of the air. In addition to this the cleaning of glass and the stove in general, to ensure the best light to these objects of furniture and design.<br /> Remember: the maintenance operations must be carried out with the stove switched off and cold, with the plug not connected to the electric current.

What a technician must do


The specialized technician who will take care of the installation has to make the first ignition. At the end of the season he will take care of the extraordinary maintenance, that is the cleaning of the flue and the check of the tightness of gaskets, of the other perishable components and of the emissions. Remember: rely on specialized technical personnel, contact authorized service centers reported by the manufacturer!