performance and design

A new way of conceiving the pellet stove, with an eye to the future, where vigorous performance combines lower consumption and emissions over 50% less than other products on the market.

Officine della Tradizione

Fontana today is a group that represents an excellence of the Marche region, able to range over different sectors, such as the historical one of the ovens, where it is a market leader, as well as that of heat and hearths.

Fontana Calore is precisely the specific division of Fontana, entirely dedicated to the creation and construction of stoves, inserts and bio fireplaces. A special address of the group dedicated to the creation of products built “in Fontana style” that reflect the values ​​and the construction principles of the company, using the same quality standards of excellence.

Longevity of the products

A Fontana stove therefore represents a set of ideals and values, looking for a particular taste, an innovative design and a reliable, solid and long-lasting product.

Customer support

Behind every product there is the guarantee of a company that today exports to over 40 countries in the world and that produces thousands of ovens and stoves for those who love living the home with style and safety.